the Shabby House

tel: 609-792-5885
Always free drop off in the NY area

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We're in the process of getting our house together here on the Internet.  Soon we'll have all our rooms furnished and you can see the many items we have available with the subtle Shabby Chic class.   Until then, you can find us on 
Just click here and we'll open up a new window where you can find our timeless furniture on craigslist.
Don't worry.  We'll still be on craigslist with everybody else.  This is just our little cottage corner of the web.


We come to New York City every Tuesday and Thursday evening usually after 7:00 pm as most clients are home for the day and the traffic is less.  If you  see a piece you like this piece then please contact us.  Once we have your home address as well as your contact phone numbers  we can arrange a time to meet.  We will  always call from the road to let you know our current location.   After you have previewed the piece ( whatever it is) and decide you would like it .then you may pay at that time.  However, if the item doesn't quite suit, then we will place the item back into the truck and be on our way... you owe NOTHING.    We're usually heading back with an empty truck leaving a satisfied customer.